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Jamel has recently started a new schools program to benefit the community and the furnishing industry. We have organised meetings with careers advisers and woodwork teachers at various schools in order to help educate students about the opportunities that may exist not only within Jamel but within the whole furnishing industry.

As a result of these meetings schools are invited to tour our factory and receive a presentation by Carmelo Princiotto, Managing Director of Jamel Industries, discussing all the benefits of becoming a furniture manufacturer and all the opportunities that exist. The reasoning behind this was to give the students a first-hand look and feel at what the industry is all about. Since the commencement of this program Jamel has had many work experience students and has offered apprenticeship positions.

Jamel’s goal is to create a greater awareness of how important the furnishing industry is to Australia, in particular, Western Australia. Our aim is to generate as much interest as possible and utilise the skills of student and graduates who want to learn a highly skilled trade. Our main aim is to show them that this can be an exciting endeavour, not just as a job, but as a career.

Jamel believes that this program will not only benefit our company or other furniture manufacturers within the FIAA WA, but also the teachers, students and their families at schools within the community.

For his support and commitment, Carmelo Princiotto has been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from Wanneroo Senior High School, in recognition of Jamel’s support for students and participating in their vocational education and training.


Carmelo is and always will be a proud Western Australian. In the workplace Carmelo works closely with the Government of WA and the Department of Training, investing in Western Australia’s future, as Jamel is proud to employ young apprentices and trainees.

Jamel was honoured to be awarded the Employment and Training Services Certificate of Recognition for continued support of workplace services, and the new apprenticeship centre recruiting services.