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COMPANY PROFILE Over the 28 years of operation, Jamel Industries has been fortunate enough to work with phenomenal clients that have collaborated with us to reach new heights in industry standards. These clients share our values and principles in the production of stunning, Australian-made products delivered with precision and professionalism. Jamel is extremely grateful to [...]
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GALLERY jQuery(document).ready(function() { 'use strict'; jQuery('.gallery-images-popup-5fc9739446815').magnificPopup({ type: 'image', closeOnContentClick: false, closeBtnInside: false, mainClass: 'mfp-with-zoom mfp-img-mobile', image: { verticalFit: true, titleSrc: function(item) { return item.el.attr('title'); //return item.el.attr('title') + ' · image source'; } }, gallery: { enabled: true } }); });
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Supplying High Quality Australian Made Kitchens and Cabinetry for all your Commercial Needs

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