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Jamel Residential

Jamel Residential was the first arm of the enterprise to meet the Australian market in 1992, equipping sites with the custom solutions and designs that have turned houses into homes across the State.

Proudly sharing the passion for beautiful, Australian-made products with a variety of diverse clients, Jamel Residential is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each home and project.

With over two decades of wide-reaching experience in kitchens and cabinetry, Jamel possesses the expertise and skill to work closely with each client and fulfil the vision for their home.

Beyond these base-level services, Jamel Residential also offers a variety of solutions in flooring, ceilings, laundries, bathrooms, outdoor kitchens, bars and much more.

Each Jamel service is carried out with the same professionalism, precision and expertise that have made Jamel indisputably reputable in the Australian industry.

Utilising modern technologies whilst proudly adhering to the same essential principles of hard work and excellence in all that is offered, Jamel Residential has evolved into a trustworthy and reliable provider of products and services in the residential industry.

Whether it be a simple fitting or a full suite of services, Jamel is dedicated to seeing its clients’ needs met and expectations surpassed, time after time.

Enquire with Jamel Residential today for your next residential project.

Contact us on: 9302 3311 or Email: jamel@jamel.com.au